1990–1999 New start and growth

1992 – Fält Jacket


Together with Lars Fält, founder of the Swedish Defence’s survival school, Fjällräven develops the Fält Jacket, which will withstand the toughest demands you can place on a survival garment. The jacket is sewn in Fjällräven’s classic G-1000 material and includes an integrated sit flap.

1992 – Akka tunnel tent

The successful Akka tent is launched. A further developed version of the original model is still part of Fjällräven’s range today.

1994 – Green collection

A special ecological collection is created and marked with a green Arctic fox – ‘fjällräv’ in Swedish. This includes knitted goods in hand-picked organic cotton. In cooperation with other outdoor companies, work is also started on recycling membrane garments.

1994 – Save the Arctic fox

Cooperation with Anders Angerbjörn, an expert on the Arctic fox and a professor and researcher at Stockholm University, is started to try and save the extinction-threatened Scandinavian Arctic fox. The work continues today within the Save the Arctic Fox project.

1994 – Flagship stores

Fjällräven opens the first flagship store at Kungsgatan 26 in Stockholm, and later the same year more openings follow in Gothenburg and Oslo. A uniform product line is presented here, with knowledgeable staff in a conceptual wilderness environment with rough boards and bird song coming out of the speakers. Purchasing Fjällräven products should also be a natural experience.

1996 – Elk on the streets of Amsterdam

Fjällräven also opens its first concept store in central Amsterdam – the first in Europe. The premises are decorated in the same way as the Nordic flagship stores, with rough boards from Swedish barns, old wooden floors and stuffed grouse. Every morning a stuffed young elk is placed on the pavement.

Talk about the Fjällräven shop spreads around the city, and tourists take photographs with the elk and the stuffed animal becomes so popular that it starts being hired out for TV productions and Christmas parties.

1997 – Fjällräven Polar

The starting shot for the first ever Fjällräven Polar, a dog race challenge for ‘normal people’ far north of the Arctic circle. Ten teams each consisting of two members compete, supplied with Fjällräven equipment and coached by Fjällräven staff in order to learn what they need to know before the journey.

Fjällräven intends the competition to show that anyone could experience a great winter adventure with the right equipment and preparation. Fjällräven Polar is also an opportunity to test the equipment in tough conditions.

1999 – Vidda

The launch of Fjällräven’s (and maybe the world’s) most popular outdoor trousers. Sewn in strong G-1000 with reinforced knees and bottom area, adjustable at the ankles and containing many pockets, they quickly became a favourite with experienced mountain enthusiasts. Since its introduction Vidda and its sister model Barents (which arrived a couple of years later) over half a million pairs have been sold.

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