Product Development

Product development

Natural inspiration

Ever since the company started in 1960, Fjällräven has been driven by the notion of offering timeless, functional and durable equipment for a variety of wonderful experiences in nature. A prerequisite for this is, of course, to be curious and always looking for smart new solutions as well as improved materials and designs. Irrespective of what we develop for the product concerned, the aim is always to create something you’ll use, love and wear for many years to come.

We have always turned to nature for inspiration. It’s when we’re out in the forest or in the mountains that we discover things that are missing in our range or solutions that can still be improved. That’s why we go out hiking and on winter adventures every year to test our products and get ideas for new ones. Sometimes we also get ideas from customers and help from people with special skills in order to develop products for specific purposes. We call them the Fjällräven Specialists and you could say that they are an extension of our contact with the great outdoors.

Durable classics

Even though we like constantly coming up with new solutions for even safer and more enjoyable outdoor activities, we are often aware that existing products work well just as they are. These favourites are to be found in our range season after season. There’s just no point changing a good formula.

From drawing board to mountain

Development work demands both free-flowing ideas and structure, and creative work can’t always be described in a linear way. Read more »

Our product promise

With Fjällräven’s products you can enjoy nature without having to worry about your equipment. Read more »