Kånken Organizer

Kånken Organizer
Smart accessory for Kånken that will help keep you organised.


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  • Description


    Kånken Organizer is the solution for those of you who spend too much time looking for things in the bottom of your favourite backpack – keys, travel cards, etc. This smart organizer with pockets and pen holders makes it easy to keep small items organized. The back section is inserted in the inside back pocket of your Kånken. Fits Kånken, Kånken 15”, Kånken 17” and Kånken No.2, as well as other backpacks of the same size with an inside back pocket.

    •  Two zippered pockets and two pen holders.
    •  Compartment for A4 documents.
    •  Easily inserted into the sleeve at the back of Kånken’s main compartment.
    •  Can be removed and taken with you.
    •  Fits Kånken, Kånken 15", Kånken 17", Kånken No.2, etc.

    Kånken Organizer收納袋有助於系統性地收納各式文件物品,設計有兩個拉鍊口袋與兩個直立筆套,可收納鑰匙或證件卡片等較小物件,使用時可將收納袋的背板插入Kånken包的內袋,適用於Kånken、Kånken 15”、Kånken 17”以及 Kånken No.2等系列包款,其他具備相同尺寸內袋的包款同樣適用Kånken Organizer收納袋。

    •  設計有兩個拉鍊口袋與兩個直立筆套
    •  A4尺寸的文件收納隔層
    •  將收納袋的背板插入Kånken包的內袋即可使用
    •  可以依需求從包內取出,改為手持攜帶、獨立使用
    •  適用於Kånken、Kånken 15"、Kånken 17"以及 Kånken No.2等系列包款
  • Size, Material & Environment Information

    • SKU: F23508
    • Weight: 25g
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Height: 31 cm Width: Depth: 0,5 cm
    • Width: 27 cm
    • Depth: 0.5 cm
    • Material: Polyamide
    • Outer Material:
      •  100% polyamide
    • Care Label:
      •  soft brush and lukewarm water
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