As a young boy, Fjällräven founder Åke Nordin enjoyed spending time outdoors and he began at an early age to improve and develop his own outdoor equipment. He was least impressed with the backpacks that were available, so as a 14-year-old he hammered together his first frame backpack, and this backpack eventually became the start of his company, Fjällräven. Since then our backpacks have been praised by users around the world and even won prestigious awards.

We have gathered here some information that can be good to know about backpacks – both before buying one and before heading out into the outdoors.

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  1. Choosing a backpack

    Choosing a backpack

    There are countless sizes, models and brands of backpacks in the stores, and choosing one is not always a simple task. Read more »
  2. Carrying a backpack

    Carrying a backpack

    The feeling of freedom that comes from being able to carry your basic survival needs with you wherever... Read more »
  3. Important details backpacks

    Important details backpacks

    The requirements for a backpack that can withstand several days of trekking with a heavy pack are higher... Read more »
  4. How to pack your backpack

    How to pack your backpack

    How you pack your backpack will affect how it will feel when you are carrying it. The basic principle for trekking... Read more »
  5. Lighter pack

    Lighter pack

    If you want to trek faster, or if you quite simply prefer not to carry a heavy pack, there are quite a few tricks you... Read more »