Taking care of your wool garments

Taking care of your wool garments

If you take care of your wool garments and wash them properly, they will last a long time. Wool naturally repels dirt, which means that you can use wool garments for a longer period of time between each wash than you can with corresponding cotton or synthetic fibres. Just airing them goes a long way, particularly in humid weather. The moist air takes dirt and bad odours with it as it passes through the garment. Perfect for travelling and treks when you do not have many opportunities to wash your clothes!

Washing and drying

When it is time to wash your wool garment, you should use a mild wool detergent. Many of wool’s excellent properties are the result of natural oils. If you wash a wool garment in regular detergent, which is designed to effectively remove oils, you will also wash away many of these properties.

Use your washing machine’s wool/hand wash settings for wool garments from Fjällräven or wash them carefully by hand. If you wash by hand, make sure you do not leave them lying in water. Excess water should be squeezed out using a towel - never wring. Reshape them after they have been washed and spread them out to dry on a flat surface so they keep their shape.

Storage and care

Preferably, wool garments should be stored in a cabinet or boxes that are not in direct contact with the walls of your house, particularly if you live in an older house, to prevent moths and other wool-eating insects from finding your favourite sweater. It is best to fold them and store them it on a shelf or in a box - if you store them on hangers they may stretch over time and lose their shape.

Some types of wool may start to pill. This is natural and does not ruin the garment’s functionality. You will normally find most pilling on the sleeves and sides of the body, and on the back if you carry a backpack. Remove the pilling regularly to help the garment keep its style. There are simple devices for sale that will remove pilling - they are like small razors. Simply run the device over the surface of the garment and shave off the pilling. Do not push too hard - since it is a small razor you could damage the garment if you are not careful.