Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags

In order to sleep well in the outdoors, your body needs help keeping its heat while you are resting. A sleeping bag protects against the cold by creating an insulating layer of air around you. The sleeping bag itself does not generate any heat - you and your body warm the air inside. The purpose of the sleeping bag is to keep the heat inside and act as a barrier against the cold. In other words, all sleeping bags are equally cold – what separates them is their ability to insulate.

We have gathered here information that can be good to know about sleeping bags – both before a purchase and before heading out into the outdoors.

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  1. Choose a sleeping bag

    Choose a sleeping bag

    Here is a check list of the things you should consider in order to find a sleeping bag that fits your needs. Read more »
  2. Temperature limits

    Temperature limits

    Since 2005 there has been a European standard, EN 13537, for measuring temperature limits on sleeping bags. Read more »
  3. Sleeping outside

    Sleeping outside

    A good sleeping bag is a good start to your outdoor experience – but there are more smart tricks for sleeping well in the outdoors. Read more »
  4. Down or synthetic filling

    Down or synthetic filling

    Sleeping bags can be divided into two types depending on the type of filling they have: down or synthetic. Read more »
  5. Perceived temperature

    Perceived temperature

    How warm a sleeping bag feels varies from person to person. It may also vary for the same individual. Read more »