Outdoors trousers have a tough assignment. They are supposed to protect you and prevent wear from nature’s rougher edges. They should keep you cool and comfortable when the temperature rises and keep you dry until you can put on your rain suit. When the temperature falls, they should be roomy enough to wear a base layer underneath. And, as if that wasn’t enough, they should also be comfortable – and preferably fit well, too.

At Fjällräven, we spend a lot of time developing trousers that fulfil all of the demands that we, and you, the wearer, place on them when out in nature. Several of our newer models have won awards at exhibitions and in product tests arranged by magazines. We are proud that our new trousers are appreciated, but it is also rewarding to see that our ideas survive the test of time. Several classic models, like Vidda, which was first introduced in 1999, continue to be favourites among mountain trekkers, year after year.

We have trousers for trekking and other outdoor activities, such as travelling, hunting, other activities in the forest and everyday wear.

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  1. Fjällräven Trousers

    Fjällräven Trousers

    We develop trousers for many different activities and contexts. Read more »
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    Choosing trousers

    Our selection contains around thirty different models. Here is a checklist with questions you can ask yourself to find the pair that is right for you. Read more »