Choosing trousers

Choosing trousers

Three steps to finding the right trousers

Of all of the outdoor clothes in the wardrobe, trekking trousers probably carry the most memories. Thinning knees and buttons worn to a shine are reminders of adventures on hiking trails, in the mountains and deep in the forest. Given how long you will be using your outdoor trousers, it can be worthwhile to take the time to think more carefully about the type of trousers you want to have.

Our selection contains around thirty different models. Here is a checklist with questions you can ask yourself to find the pair that is right for you:

1. What will you use your trousers for?

Our trousers are made for primarily four areas of use: trekking (Trekking), travel to warmer climates (Travel), hunting and bird watching (Forest) and everyday use (Everyday Outdoor). Take a moment to think about how you will be wearing your trousers the most and start browsing through the trousers in that category. You can also read more about these four categories under Fjällräven trousers.

2. How do you want your trousers to fit?

No two bodies are exactly the same and people have different opinions about how trousers should fit. This is just another reason why we work with such a large selection of trousers. Our outdoor trousers come in two styles, the slightly more relaxed Comfort fit and the more classic Regular fit, and three waists, High, Regular and Low. You can also choose to have Fixed leg endings with buttons/drawcords at the bottom or Raw length, which means that the length of the leg can be adjusted to exactly your preference.

3. Do you want to have any extra functions?

The details on a good pair of outdoor trousers are what make them the perfect companion. These can be pockets for maps or tools, zip-off legs that turn the trousers into a pair of shorts or stretch panels for extra mobility. Many of our trousers also have reinforcements at the knee and rear for extra durability where it is needed most. We hope that these questions will make it easier for you to choose a pair of trousers. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please send us a message on Facebook,, and tell us what kind of trousers you need.