Fjällräven Trousers

Fjällräven Trousers

We develop trousers for many different activities and contexts. The common denominator in all of them is that they offer protection from wind, rain and hard wear while at the same time fitting comfortably and offering a durability so strong they will accompany you during your nature experiences for many years to come.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have divided our selection into four main categories based on their intended use:

Trekking and outdoor trousers (Trekking)

Here you will find our most hardwearing trousers. The majority of them are made from wind and water resistant G-1000, which just might be the outdoor world’s most adaptable and durable fabric. This tightly woven fabric is impregnated with Greenland Wax and you can apply more wax to increase your trousers’ durability and resistance to wind and rain. We also have several models that are made from comfortable stretch, and hybrid trousers where we have combined G-1000 with stretch panels for an optimal balance between durability and mobility.

Our Trekking series also contains shell trousers made from our wind and waterproof Eco-Shell and Hydratic fabrics. These multi-layer fabrics with a membrane release moisture from the body, which means you run a smaller risk of becoming drenched with sweat when you are on the move, but they also offer 100 per cent protection from the wind, rain and snow.

Travel trousers (Travel)

Our travel trousers combine high durability and low weight and are perfect for adventures in warmer latitudes or even warm summer days at home. Most of the models are made from MicroTravel (MT), which provides excellent ventilation and feels cool against the skin while still offering protection from the sun’s burning rays. Add to this that MT is practically wrinkle-free, dries quickly and takes up little space in your suitcase and it becomes clear that trousers made from MT are the perfect choice for travelling. You can also find travel trousers in our durable but lightweight G-1000 Lite.

Hunting trousers (Forest)

Hunting, fishing, bird watching and other activities in the forest place special demands on your equipment, and our trousers for these activities are made from a quiet, “swish-free” fabric and are packed with practical details. Most of the models are made from durable G-1000 Silent , but a few are made from wind and waterproof Hydratic . Here you will find trousers that are made for a higher activity level, with more ventilation and stretch panels for extra mobility, but that are still lined for comfort when sitting still in cold temperatures.

Everyday trousers (Everyday Outdoor)

Why compromise on durability and functionality in your everyday clothing? Well, we certainly do not want to, so we have developed a series called Everyday Outdoor – well-tailored, high-quality trousers that can be worn anywhere, at any time. These trousers often have fewer pockets than our pure outdoor models, but in the same spirit are made from practical, durable fabrics such as G-1000 or MicroTravel.