For many, a mountain trek is synonymous with sleeping in a tent. It is a wonderful experience to bring along your living accommodations - you come closer to the wilderness and can choose where you want to put up camp.

A good alternative for beginners or trekkers who want to carry a smaller pack is to stay at a cabin or mountain station. Choose between trekking from cabin to cabin along one of the marked trails, or staying in one place and taking day trips into the local surroundings. If you are staying in a cabin, a wind sack is an absolute necessity - both for short breaks and if you need to set up an emergency camp.

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  1. Breaks and resting

    Breaks and resting

    By taking breaks during the day, you give your body an opportunity to recover. It is a good idea to find a routine for your breaks. Read more »
  2. Staying in a cabin

    Staying in a cabin

    Staying at a cabin or a mountain station is a practical, comfortable way to trek. Read more »
  3. Finding a campsite

    Finding a campsite

    The work that goes into finding a good campsite starts long before you start to set up camp. Read more »
  4. Lighting a fire

    Lighting a fire

    If there is one survival skill that can be really useful in the outdoors, it is how to light a fire – and preferably in a number of different ways. Read more »