Taking care of yourself

Taking care of yourself

In order to have the best trek possible, you will need to take care of your body and listen to its signals. If you are uncomfortably warm, feel blisters coming on anywhere or are thirsty, you should rectify the problem immediately – even if this might mean that your trekking companions will have to wait. Otherwise, you risk having problems later on during the trek. Taking care of your personal hygiene and keeping your feet in good condition are also two ways to avoid unnecessary difficulties.

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  1. Prepare yourself physically

    Prepare yourself physically

    A longer mountain trek, for example Fjällräven Classic, requires preparation. Read more »
  2. Food and energy

    Food and energy

    Food rarely tastes as good as it does when you are active outside for many hours. And you burn a lot of calories when your are trekking. Read more »
  3. Drying your clothes

    Drying your clothes

    There is no way around the fact that you will get wet when you are on your trek - both from precipitation and your own sweat. Read more »
  4. Personal hygiene

    Personal hygiene

    When out in nature, you will have to give up your daily warm shower. Sometimes not having to carry out some of our everyday tasks can be part of the relaxation. Read more »
  5. Foot care

    Foot care

    During the warmer months of the year, it is particularly important that you air your feet and change your socks often during your trek. Read more »
  6. Important to drink

    Important to drink

    Fluid loss means that you need more energy to keep your body moving, while your performance capacity is reduced. Read more »