Always dry, warm and well-fed

Several basic, simple routines can help prevent frostbite. The goal is to always be dry, warm and well-fed. Here is a check list to follow:

At the start of each day

• Prepare food and drinks.
• Plan time to take breaks and eat meals.
• Create a travel plan for the day and have at least one, but preferably more, alternative plans in the event your circumstances change. Think about the situations in which you should opt to use an alternative plan.
• Check the temperature, wind and weather forecasts.
• Check your clothing and equipment.
• Start the day dry, warm and well-fed.

While on the move

• Adapt your speed to the temperature and weather.
• Adapt your clothing as needed – is everything dry?
• Be aware of the general state of health of everyone in the group.
• Check your hands, feet and face (white sports/loss of feeling).
• Eat and drink regularly.
• If the weather changes and, for example, a strong wind picks up, turn around or seek protection.

At the end of the day

• Take care of your personal hygiene.
• Inspect your hands and feet.
• Massage your feet and use lotion on your hands to prevent chapping.