Do not forget about yourself in the cold

Extremely cold temperatures can force your entire body to go over into “survival mode” and everything that you think about and do becomes focused on staying warm. This is, of course, the right thing to do. But to feel good in the long run, you have to take care of yourself. If you make sure that you continuously recharge with energy and liquids, use your wind sack during breaks to get the best rest possible and stay dry and reasonably clean, you will have a better chance of finishing your trek in good physical condition. (And a positive side effect is that some of the things you should do also help you stay warm.)

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  1. Wind chill

    Wind chill

    A normal, naked human body functions best when the air temperature is 27°C. Read more »
  2. Stay hydrated

    Stay hydrated

    Drinking is important for many reasons, but it is particularly important in the winter since you lose large amounts of liquid in cold temperatures. Read more »
  3. Food


    Your body requires a lot of energy when it is cold, particularly when you are active. Read more »
  4. Keeping dry

    Keeping dry

    One good basic principle is that, when you are out on a trek, as little as possible should get wet. Read more »
  5. Drying your clothes

    Drying your clothes

    Keeping your clothes dry is a never-ending chore during a winter trek because you will get wet. Read more »
  6. Snow bivouacs

    Snow bivouacs

    The idea of sleeping in the snow can be met by scepticism by people who have never tried it. Read more »