Fair production

Fair production

Cooperation for improved workers conditions

To contribute towards better working conditions for those who make our products, we are dedicated to developing fair and mutually beneficial business relations with our partners in the supply chain. We believe that respect and trust is the basis for all good relationships, and we invest time and resources in cultivating a good dialogue with our suppliers.

When introducing our Code of Conduct several years ago, most partners entered into a constructive cooperation agreement and with joint forces we have initiated a process to meet the requirements of the Code. However, we are worried that as time passes, implementation may become routine and only about fulfilling check-listed demands without a true commitment to the cause behind them.

Assessments, support and training

We have therefore launched an initiative to increase our efforts to a new level. Based on our sustainability policy, The Fjällräven Way, our suppliers have been invited to join us on our journey to sustainability and to work with us on additional social and environmental challenges in our business sector.

In 2013 we became a business partner to the Fair Labor Association (FLA). FLA is a multi-stakeholder initiative comprising companies, NGOs, universities and governmental organizations that strive to improve working conditions in sub-contracted companies around the globe. Not only does the FLA provide independent assessments of companies and working conditions, it also offers support and training to help improve conditions and make real, positive contributions to social development.

It is a complex task, as the fair treatment of workers is dependent on both good relations between us and the supplier as well as between the supplier’s management and the workers. It is also dependent on the commitment of the entire industry and – not to be forgotten – legislation in the production countries. We hope to see a positive development over time but realize that there is a long way to go and that no company alone will be able to make the necessary shifts. By joining the FLA we have strengthened our chances to succeed with our mission.