Inspiration to outdoor life

Inspiration to outdoor life

We want more people to spend time outdoors

Encouraging more people to get out and experience outdoor life has always been close to our hearts here at Fjällräven. It was a love for nature that started the company and many of our co-workers spend as much time as possible in the outdoors. Our hope and ambition is that future generations will be able to enjoy nature in the same way as we can today.

Already in the 1970s, we took curious novices outdoors through our so-called “Fjällräven Weeks” in Riksgränsen in northern Lapland. We have a long-standing cooperation with the Swedish Tourist Association and the Association for the Development of Skiing and Outdoor Life in Sweden to help more people discover the Swedish mountains.

Today, we share our knowledge of outdoor life in guides and films , and with our popular events Fjällräven Classic and Fjällräven Polar that bring together participants from around the world.

• Fjällräven Classic was held for the first time in 2005 with the objective of enticing out more hikers into the mountains in safe conditions. An equally important objective is to let more people experience the magnificent environment and see the connection between nature and conservation. The 110 km long hiking event is held every August and every year around 2 000 people participate.

• Fjällräven Polar is a dog sledding adventure held far north of the Arctic Circle. Every year 20 “regular” people, with regular jobs, are given the chance to learn about outdoor life in an extreme winter environment. For Fjällräven, it is a way to show that any regular person can take part in the adventure of a life time if they have the right equipment and make the right preparations.