Our Down Promise

Our Down Promise

Fjällräven has been making down products for more than 40 years. We are known throughout the world for only using down of the highest quality. When you buy a down product from Fjällräven you can be 100% sure that the down we use is the result of a process that takes the greatest possible care of the birds’ wellbeing.

100% traceable

As early as 2009, Fjällräven started developing strict routines and guidelines regarding how we handle down. Today we have one of the outdoor industry’s most transparent chains of production where all our down is 100% traceable – right from the newly-hatched goslings to the completed down product. This is why we received an honourable mention from Animal Welfare Sweden for our down handling practices in 2010.

Ethically-produced down of the highest quality

The down used in Fjällräven’s products is a by-product from food production. The guiding principle of our work is to ensure that the birds shall lead as good a life as possible and that all our partners share our views on responsible animal handling. The wellbeing of the birds is the most important component of our down policy – our second priority is that only high-quality down is used in our products. To ensure that Fjällräven’s down is never mixed with down from other sources it is handled in sealed sacks, which are checked in repeated tests at different stages of the production process.

Latest news

Fjällräven receives highest ranking by Four Paws

Due to our fully inspected supply chain, our strict control and audits we have been ranked the highest in our industry by the organization Four Paws.

Global Compact International Yearbook 2014

Fjällräven is the first outdoor company to be invited to contribute to the UN Global Compact International Yearbook. Our down production process is setting a standard for the whole industry. Read the article.