Product Safety

Product Safety

Equipment that can be relied on, in any situation

Ever since Fjällräven was founded over 50 years ago, we have been passionate about producing equipment that makes it possible for more people to spend time outdoors easily and safely. And this applies to all kinds of outdoor activities, ranging from everyday outings in the forest to extreme expeditions in the mountains.

Naturally, extra demands are placed on equipment that is designed to be used in extreme conditions, where inadequate functionality can quickly lead to life-threatening situations. Even products designed for general outdoor use should be able to be used repeatedly over many years of active outdoors life.

Quality Controls

This is the reason we have an experienced test patrol – headed by our outdoor expert Johan Skullman – thoroughly test all new products in tough real-life situations before they even go into production. It is also the reason behind Fjällräven having a fixed, continuous system of quality controls for our entire supply chain. Our Quality Assurance Team, consisting of experts and experienced professionals, visits our production sites before, during and after production, and conducts regular and repeated random tests to ensure that equipment meets our high demands.

In addition, we have independent textile laboratories carry out repeated and standardised tests to check the quality of our input materials such as fabrics, down etc. If these controls result in questionable findings, our quality assurance team helps the supplier find solutions to the problem and offers support in the form of advice and training.

No environmental or health risks

Product safety is not just about quality, functionality and durability. Our products must also be safe in the sense that they do not pose any environmental or health risks. We therefore select our materials very carefully and restrict the use of chemical substances, in particular chemicals that are considered to be hazardous to people, animals and the environment. As often as we can, we use materials and products that have been certified as environmentally sound choices, for example Öko-tex, Bluesign, and GOTS. We often do this without drawing specific attention to these choices, as we see them as a given.

As of 2013 we are part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, an industry-wide group which aims to reduce the environmental impacts of footwear and apparel production around the globe. By sharing experiences with other forward-thinking companies, we hope that we can continue to work systematically with these issues. In doing this we aim to maintain a high level of confidence and safety in our sourcing and production throughout the entire supply chain.